A personal website about my amateur radio activities.

About Me

Callsign: DO4NE

Name: Alexander Matheisen

Born: 1994

Licensed: 2010 (at the age of 16 years)

Profession: GIS Software Developer

Home City: Kerken

Home QTH: JO31fk

Club: DARC (DOK R11)

ITU Zone: 28

CQ Zone: 14

Other interests: Nature, Outdoor Activities, (Mountain) Hiking, Climbing, Bicycling, Running, Fitness, Cooking, Travelling, Reading Books, OpenStreetMap, Architecture and City Planning, History

I am a licensed radio amateur since 2010. I got my class E license (CEPT Novice License) and my callsign DO4NE when I was 16 years old.

After pausing the hobby for several years due to my study of computer science, my first job and shifted interests, rediscovered amateur radio in 2021.


SSB and CW are my preferred modes!

I am working with computers the whole day, so I like it simple and old-fashioned when it comes to amateur radio. Digimodes are not that fascinating for me, they are quite impersonal, especially when you are sending just macros. I like "handmade" voice or morse communication.

Without any shortwave antennas at home due to neighbours and missing space, I love to operate QRP and portable from outdoor. Outdoor operation has the nice sideeffect of some publicity for this special hobby.

Because I operate portable from outdoor locations and while travelling, I like to keep my equipment lightweight and minimalistic. I do not want to carry a laptop or tablet, connecting interfaces and cables with me.

Now in the solar minimum, I also found interest in the field of satellite communication. In a first step I want to try operating LEO satellites with my handheld transceiver and a portable duoband Yagi.