A personal website about my amateur radio activities.

About Me

Callsign: DO4NE

Name: Alexander Matheisen

Born: 1994

Licensed: 2010 (at the age of 16 years)

Education: B.Sc. Computer Science

Profession: GIS Software Developer

QTH: Aldekerk

Gridsquare: JO31fk

Club: DARC (DOK R11)

ITU Zone: 28

CQ Zone: 14

Other hobbies: Nature, Outdoor Activities, Hiking, Bicycling (MTB and racing bike), Running, Fitness, Cooking, Travelling, Reading Books, OpenStreetMap, Gardening

Hi, I'm Alex! I was born in 1994. I am a licensed radio amateur since 2010. I got my class E license (CEPT Novice License) and my callsign DO4NE when I was 16 years old.

After pausing the hobby for several years due to my studies in computer science, my first job and shifted interests, the fascination for amateur radio came back in 2022.

Currently I am living in Aldekerk, a village less than 20 km away from The Netherlands.


My favourite modes are SSB and CW (beginning to learn)s!

I am working with computers the whole day, so I like it simple, minimalistic and old-fashioned when it comes to amateur radio. Although I am an IT guy and find digimodes interesting from a technical point of view, operating them is rather boring for me. I prefer the personal contact than anonymous text chatting or machine-to-machine communication like FT8. I like "handmade" voice or morse communication between real people.

I love to operate QRP and Portable from outdoors. Many locations allow activations of SOTA, IOTA, POTA and WWFF.It allows me to combine different hobbies. Outdoor operation has the nice sideeffect of some publicity for this special hobby. Portable operation requires me to keep my equipment lightweight and minimalistic. I do not want to carry a laptop or tablet, connecting interfaces and cables with me.

In the future I would like to be part of contest teams and DXpeditions.